Kitty Hawk Flyer – the new flying car by Larry Page

Behind this project, a former officials of the Google Car, the autonomous car of Google.

The Kitty Hawk startup has just delivered the first details of its futuristic vehicle: the Flyer, it will allow to fly for $2000. This vehicle belongs to a class of ultralight aircraft that doesn’t require a pilot’s license in the United States. On the other hand, they cannot be used in the city at the moment, only in sparsely populated areas.

This first prototype looks more like a motorcycle than a car in itself, with a basic design to facilitate its landing on the water. With its unique engine and eight rotors, the Flyer is a very noisy vehicle, for the moment.

It is intended for amateurs, however Kitty Hawk intends to create the next flying vehicles that could revolutionize the way we move. This American start-up was created by Sebastian Thrun, one of the officials of the Google Car project. In fact, Larry Page (co-founder of Google) is one of the investors of this start-up.