Photo of NiklasHey there,

My name is Niklas Edelstam, ImagiDev’s founder. I’m Swedish, from Stockholm, but living in Paris since 2004 where i attended the French school system.

I founded ImagiDev in 2016, as I was also working with my transportation company, providing services to travel agencies.

The reason why I founded ImagiDev

Being fond of web business and development from youth, I have always been dreaming of getting successful with my own web business.

I started buying and selling high-tech products on EBay in 2007, five years later I created my own e-commerce website, Stickeaz, selling customized vinyl stickers for Apple products. Following my growing interest in developing websites, international communication for putting to use my language skills, I worked with several businesses selling transportation services to agents worldwide through my company Edelsway. The first website I created in 2013 for offering transportation services was restricted only to Paris, it was

In the process, I learned how to start new businesses online by building my own websites (web development and graphic design) and working on marketing to attract more and more prospects to transform them into clients through email marketing, social media marketing, natural and paid search engine optimization (SEO, SEA, SMA).

An entrepreneur at heart, I have run successful companies bringing travel agents and transportation providers together, and have worked on projects for multiple international companies.

I am specialized in Web and E-Business, and graduated with a Master in Digital Communication Management from a private school in Paris, la Défense – the business area of Paris – called IIM (Institute of Internet and Multimedia). It won the 2nd best ranking for a 4th year in a row of schools dedicated to new internet and multimedia professions.


Apart from the web, I am also passionate about practicing traditional Kung Fu, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Mandarin Chinese. Thus, I have developed and work on the SEO of my website connected to these hobbies where I offer Traditional Chinese Medicine and Tuina Massage:

I am interested in different Asian cultures and traditions and find that martial arts help me to focus on the present moment, get my mind away from trivialities and ignore doubt and fear of what might or might not happen in the future.

In the real traditional martial arts, you learn by practice that a fight is not about winning against your opponent, but winning against your own ego. In turn you gain self-confidence and courage.

Since 2009, I kept practicing diligently until I reached I good level where I could teach others as well. This is when I realized that the only way to get very talented in something is to keep persisting every day without stopping whether tired, depressed or ill. This is not only true in martial arts, but also in business.